Friday, November 15, 2013


We made one of these awesome little steamboats the other day and sent it a-floatin' in the creek. It moved although not terribly fast. I tried to steer it with a stick but accidentally pushed it over. Unfortunately, we lost our only passenger in the rushing current. Foil Man will be missed. He is survived by his wife, Foil Woman, and his children, Foil Man Jr. and Foil Child. 

How to Make a Steamboat:

Materials: Foil loaf pan, copper wire, tealight candle base, binder clip, and solid fuel. 

Wrap copper wire around a dowel rod, and clip off, leaving two long tails with the coils in the middle. 
Pinch together one side of the loaf pan and pull it forward slightly, into the boat. 
Put copper coils inside boat with tails going through pinched end and hanging down the backside. 
Clip in place with binder clip. Once the coil is heated, these tails will warm and push the boat through the water, so they need to be long. 
Glue or tape tealight base right below coils. 
Light solid fuel and place it in tealight base.

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