Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homeschooling Day Two

Day two was even better than the first day. We had some plumbing work being done in our basement, and since plumbing does involve water, I thought this would probably be a great first hand lesson on plumbing. Got to take the opportunity when you see it.

  • We started the day off with math, which I'm starting to realize may not be a good idea because, after all, who really wants to be attempting math when your brain is still mush from trying to wake up?
  • Counting by 2's is something she hadn't learned before in school and so it was a challenge trying to get her to understand (I had to pull out the number blocks), but she eventually got the hang of it and we both we really happy and proud of ourselves for getting over the first "challenge" we've had homeschooling. 
  • We completed the K12 work with reading Bedtime for Francecs and practicing writing. I usually have her write a short synopsis and answer a question or two in her english book about the story she read. 
  • We played the Water Leaks Game, which was a bit hard for her, but still fun.
  • We read How Stuff Works: Plumbing, and watched the Dirty Jobs episode that was on it. There was a point where Mike asked the plumber what the number one rule of plumbing was. His answer: "Don't bite your fingernails." The children thought it was hilarious.
  • We watched this short film on Roman plumbing, and looked at some pictures of Machu Picchu's fountains and sewage systems.

  • Then we read this hilarious article from Popular Science about how Space Station toilets are getting clogged. 
  • And finally, before bathtime we made a hotwheels car car wash out of bendy straws and tape. It wasn't terribly successful, mostly because the tape wasn't very good at keeping the water in, but my daughter found how to increase the pressure in the "plumbing" by blowing into the air vent. I love being impressed by how sharp my children can be haha.

All in all, another great day. I feel like we struck the right balance between learning and enjoying ourselves. It was even better because we got to peak downstairs and watch real plumbers at work, soldering and hammering.

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